Urodynamics Assessment

These procedures along with your consultation may take up to 45 minutes so please allow plenty of time for this. If you have any concerns, please telephone the staff. This is a comprehensive dynamic test of bladder and muscle function. It involves placement of very fine catheters into the bladder and vagina. This test is performed by the practice nurse, who has done specific training in this procedure.

Your privacy will be maintained throughout. The results are then interpreted by Dr Patton and will assist in determining the cause and also the treatment of your incontinence or bladder problem. The procedure is not painful but minimal discomfort may be felt. No sedation is required. To enable us to carry out this procedure it is very important that you arrive for your appointment with a full bladder (ready to pass urine), as this is the first step in the assessment.

Do not empty your bladder for two hours prior to the procedure, however, do not overfill your bladder before the procedure. This procedure can occasionally be complicated by urinary tract infection.