Mirena Coil

The Mirena coil is used for several reasons which consist of:

  • Alleviate heavy bleeding as an alternative to hysterectomy
  • As a contraceptive measure

This is done in the rooms under local anaesthetic where we give a "dental type" injection into the cervix and subsequently gently dilate the cervix to facilitate easy insertion of the coil. There is some discomfort with the injection but minimal discomfort with anything else. The tails of the device are then trimmed to two to three centimetres so that you can feel the strings after your period to confirm that the device has not dislodged, leaving you unprotected for contraception.

There are some side effects and risks with insertion of the device and these include pelvic infection, troublesome bleeding rarely, perforation of the uterus, pain and expulsion of the device. A small percentage of women experience unwanted progesterone effects such as breast discomfort, depression and headaches. An equally small percentage of women get beneficial effects on their pre-menstrual tension. The majority of women don't notice hormonal effects one way or the other as the dose of hormone that is liberated into the body is very small. If the device is inserted for menstrual problems it can take three to four months usually for the periods to settle.